Oct 02 2019



Alabama Blockchain Coalition Meetup | Cryptocurrency Mining

We want to Welcome all Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to the

Alabama Blockchain Coalition 

We'll be discussing cryptocurrency mining!

For those new to the space, mining is the process of validating other people’s transactions and then adding them to public ledger of all transactions known as the blockchain.

In exchange, people get rewarded with cryptocurrency. We'll also have a small group conversation about proof of work, proof of stake and proof of authority and the implications from these processes.

alabama blockchain coalition cryptocurrency mining event

The Alabama Blockchain Meetup group will be discussing Cryptocurrency Mining at their next event.

We hope you can join us! Look out for an email reminder, and be sure to bring a friend!

Limited drinks and food will be provided.

Location- Click here for more info

Emmet O'Neal Public Library

50 Oak Street

Mountain Brook, AL 35213


The event is finished.

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